#100 Wilfrid Brambell / Karl Malden – 22 March 1912

Wilfrid Brambell

Henry Wilfrid Brambell (22 March 1912 – 18 January 1985) was an Irish film and television actor best known for his role in the British television series Steptoe & Son. He also starred alongside The Beatles in their film A Hard Day’s Night, playing Paul McCartney’s fictional grandfather.

Karl Malden

Photo by Barry Iddon

Karl Malden (born Mladen George Sekulovich, March 22, 1912 – July 1, 2009) was an American actor. In a career that spanned more than seven decades, he featured in classic Marlon Brando films such as A Streetcar Named DesireOn the Waterfront and One-Eyed Jacks. Among other notable film roles were Archie Lee Meighan in Baby Doll, Zebulon Prescott in How the West Was Won and General Omar Bradley in Patton. His best-known role was on television as Lt. Mike Stone on the 1970s crime drama, The Streets of San Francisco.


Also born on this day :

Cuthbert James McCall Alport, Baron Alport was a Conservative Party politician.
Leslie George Johnson was a British racing driver.
Alfred Schwarzmann was a German Olympic Gymnast and Fallschirmjäger during World War II .
Avraham Eliyahu Mokotow better known as Eliyahu Kitov, was a Rabbi , educator, and community activist.
Agnes Martin was a Canadian -American painter.
Martha Mödl was a German soprano.
François Hussenot was a French engineer.
Bruce Chase was an American composer.
Leopold Wohlrab was an Austrian field handball player.

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