#96 Ron Atkinson / Kenny Lynch – 18 March 1939

Ron Atkinson

Photo by Pontificake

Ronald Ernest Atkinson, (born 18 March 1939) commonly known as “Big Ron” and (earlier in his managerial career) “Bojangles” is an English former football player and manager. In recent years he has become one of Britain’s best-known football pundits.

Kenny Lynch

Kenny Lynch, OBE (born 18 March 1938, Stepney, London, England) is an English singer, songwriter, entertainer and actor from London. Lynch appeared in many variety shows in the 1960s. He was one of the relatively few black singers on the British pop scene in the early 1960s.


Also born on this day:
Peter Kraus is a German singer and actor.
Angelo Bergamonti was an Italian Grand Prix motorcycle road racer .
Michael Donald Kirby AC , CMG is an Australian retired judge .
Tibor Richard Machan is a Hungarian-American philosopher.
Yannis Markopoulos is a Cretan -Greek composer.
Gérard Hausser is a former French footballer .
Corrado Farina is an Italian filmmaker
Reginald Evans is a former footballer for Newcastle United
Piers Inigo Haggard is a British film and television director,
Eddie ‘Eddie B’ Borysewicz is a cycling coach
Jean-Pierre Wallez is a French violinist and conductor .
Tony Meeker is a politician in Oregon .

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