#99 Matthew Broderick / Rosie O’Donnell – 21 March 1962

Matthew Broderick

Photo by David Shankbone

Matthew Broderick (born March 21, 1962) is an American film and stage actor who, among other roles, played the title character in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and Leo Bloom in the film and Broadway productions of The Producers. He is married to actress Sarah Jessica Parker.

Rosie O’Donnell

Photo by David Shankbone

Roseann “Rosie” O’Donnell (born March 21, 1962) is an American stand-up comedienne, actress, singer, author and media personality. She has also been a magazine editor and continues to be a celebrity blogger, LGBT rights activist, television producer and collaborative partner in the LGBT family vacation company R Family Vacations.



Also born on this day:

Mark Waid is an American comic book writer .
Narumi Kakinouchi is a mangaka, animator, director and character designer.
Géza Tóth was a Hungarian handball player.
John Reilly is a Scottish former professional footballer who played as a striker.
Alfred Lutter is an American child actor
Andrea Maria Schenkel is a German writer.
Kathryn “Kathy” Greenwood is a Canadian actress and comedienne.
Shlomi Braha is an Israeli Rock Musician
David Burrows is a producer, director and writer for both film and television .

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