#128 Flavio Briatore / David Cassidy – 12 April 1950

Flavio Briatore

Flavio Briatore (born 12 April 1950) is an Italian businessman. He was manager or principal of two Formula One racing teams, most recently with Renault F1 . He was also part-owner and chairman of London’s Queens Park Rangers F.C. from 2007 to 2010.  Briatore’s wealth is reported to be $200 Million (USD).

David Cassidy

David Bruce Cassidy (April 12, 1950 – November 21, 2017) was an American actor, singer, songwriter, and guitarist. He was known for his role as Keith Partridge, the son of Shirley Partridge (played by his stepmother Shirley Jones), in the 1970s musical-sitcom  The Partridge Family, which led to his becoming one of popular culture’s teen idols and pop singers of the 1970s.


Also born on this day :
Gary David Robertson is a former New Zealand rower who won an Olympic gold medal.
Georges Cipriani is a former militant of the group Action directe.
Pavel Ipatov is the governor of Saratov Oblast.
Thomas Charles “Tom” Werner is an American television producer and businessman.
Jerry Lee Tagge is a former professional football player, a quarterback in the NFL.
Jean-Marie Abgrall is a French psychiatrist , criminologist and specialist in forensic medicine.
Ryszard Bosek is a former volleyball player from Poland.
Rabbi Rebecca Trachtenberg Alpert is associate professor in the Departments of Religion and Women’s Studies and the chair of the Department of Religion at Temple University.
Kuldeep Kumar is ex-Industry minister of Himachal Pradesh.
Dr Nicholas Sackman is an English classical composer.
Steen Krarup Jensen is a Danish sculptor, poet and song writer.
Melanie E. Lomax was a civil rights lawyer and former head of the Los Angeles Board of Police.
Ricky Reyes also known as “Mother Ricky” is a Filipino hairdresser , philantropist and businessman.

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