#167 Catherine Tate / Tony Hawk – 12 May 1968

Catherine Tate

Catherine Tate (born 12 May 1968) is a British actress, writer and comedian. She has won numerous awards for her work on the sketch comedy series The Catherine Tate Show as well as being nominated for an International Emmy Award and four BAFTA Awards. Following the success of The Catherine Tate Show, Tate played Donna Noble in the 2006 Christmas special of Doctor Who and later reprised her role, becoming the Doctor’s companion for the fourth series in 2008.

Tony Hawk

Photo by Tinou Bao

Anthony Frank Hawk (born May 12, 1968), better known as Tony Hawk, is an American professional skateboarder. Hawk gained significant fame for completing the first 900 (a 2.5-revolution aerial spin) as well as his licensed video game titles distributed by Activision. He is widely considered one of the most successful and influential pioneers of modern vertical skateboarding.


Also born on this day :
Matt Hoverman is an American actor , playwright , and voice actor.
Falilat Ogunkoya is a Nigerian athlete.
Tatyana Ter-Mesrobyan is a Russian long jumper.
Glenn Dunlop is a retired Northern Irish footballer.
Herbert Bautista is a Filipino actor and politician.
Mark Clark is a former right-handed pitcher in Major League Baseball.
Scott Schwartz is a former child actor.
Jane Kerr is a former college and international swimmer from Canada.
Rob Chudzinski is an American football coach.
Marco Ruitenbeek is a former Dutch footballer.
Arthur Jimerson is a former linebacker for the former Los Angeles Raiders.

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