#175 Busta Rhymes / Tina Hobley – 20 May 1972

Busta Rhymes

Trevor Tahiem Smith, Jr., also known as Busta Rhymes (born May 20, 1972), is an American rapper, songwriter, producer and actor.

Tina Hobley

Tina Hobley (born 20 May 1972 in Mill Hill, London) is an English actress.  Hobley has had a number of roles in a variety of television dramas, including Coronation Street, as Samantha Failsworth, Harbour Lights and The Bill. Hobley is best known for her role as ward sister Chrissie Williams in BBC medical drama Holby City.


Also born on this day :
Zsolt Aubel is a Hungarian footballer.
Chikayuki Mochizuki is a former Japanese football player.
Christophe Dominici is a former French rugby union footballer.
Andreas Lundstedt is a Swedish musician.
Paul Lewis is an English classical pianist.
Zdeněk Svoboda is a former professional footballer.
Bård Borgersen is a Norwegian football defender.
Maarten Arens is a Dutch judo ka.
Sharon Foley is an Irish former athlete from Lifford.
Pauliina Miettinen is a Finnish football coach.
Michael Diamond is a professional target shooter from Australia.
Charity Opara is a former Nigerian athlete.
Serghei Cleşcenco is a retired Moldova n football player.
Juan Alberto Morillo is a male track and field athlete from Venezuela.
Ryan G. Van Cleave is an American poet, editor, and creative writing teacher.
Cho Eun-Hee is a female South Korean handball player.

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