#206 Alan Hansen / Tony Knowles – 13 June 1955

Alan Hansen

Photo by Snowmanradio

Alan David Hansen (born 13 June 1955 in Sauchie, Clackmannanshire, Scotland) is a Scottish former football player and BBC television football pundit. He played as a central defender for Partick Thistle, Liverpool and Scotland.

Tony Knowles

Anthony (Tony) Knowles (born on 13 June 1955, in Bolton, Lancashire) is an English professional snooker player. He was a three times semi-finalist in the World Professional Snooker Championship in the 1980s.


Also born on this day :
Mara Liasson is an American journalist and political pundit.
Nigel Wright is a record producer from England.
Ewine van Dishoeck is a Dutch astronomer and chemist.
Gerard de Korte is a Dutch Roman Catholic clergyman.
Bruno Valkeniers is a Flemish businessman.
John E. Jones III is an American lawyer and jurist from the U.S. state of Pennsylvania.
Leah Ward Sears is an American jurist and former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Georgia.
Bobby Clark is a retired professional baseball player.
Barrence Whitfield is an American soul and R&B vocalist and bandleader.
Satyadeow Sawh was the Agriculture Minister of Guyana and prominent Hindu politician in Guyana.
Henk Numan is a former judo ka from the Netherlands.
Volodymyr Atamanyuk is a retired Soviet football player.
Ziva Kunda was a social psychologist.
Lluis Antón González  an Asturian actor, writer, and director.
Esko Ahonen is a Finnish politician.
Scott L. Friedman is an American scientist, professor and physician.

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