#207 Sam Wanamaker / Gene Barry – 14 June 1919

Sam Wanamaker

Samuel Wanamaker (14 June 1919 – 18 December 1993) was an American film director and actor and is credited as the person most responsible for the modern recreation of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London. He is father to Shakespearean actress Zoë Wanamaker. He worked both as a director and actor in both films and television, and his appearances included such movies as The Spiral Staircase (1974), Private Benjamin (1980),Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987), and Baby Boom (1987). He also directed stage productions, including the world premiere production of Michael Tippett’s opera The Ice Break. In 1980, he directed Giuseppe Verdi’s opera “Aida” starring Luciano Pavarotti at San Francisco Opera.

Gene Barry

Gene Barry (born Eugene Klass; June 14, 1919 – December 9, 2009) was an American stage, screen, and television actor. In 1952, Barry was cast as “Dr. Clayton Forrester” in the science fiction film The War of the Worlds (1953). Barry won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in 1965 for his performance in TV series Burke’s Law.


Also born on this day :
Willy Greiner was a Norwegian politician.
Eudoxia Woodward was an American artist and scientist.
Jack Riley is a retired professional ice hockey player.
James Allen Ward VC was a New Zealand recipient of the Victoria Cross.
Joe Zeno was an American football guard in the NFL.
Leland Chris Nielsen was a United States federal judge.
Linda Batista born Florinda Grandino de Oliveira was a Brazilian popular musician.

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