#234 Katherine Helmond / Warren Oates – 05 July 1928

Katherine Helmond

Photo by Alan Light

Katherine Marie Helmond (born July 5, 1928, Galveston, Texas) is an American film, theater and television actress, who played Emily Dickinson on Meeting of Minds, as well as such fictional characters as Jessica Tate on Soap, Mona Robinson on Who’s the Boss?, Doris Sherman on Coach, and Lois Whelan on Everybody Loves Raymond.

Warren Oates

Warren Mercer Oates (July 5, 1928 – April 3, 1982) was a prolific American actor best known for his performances in several films directed by Sam Peckinpah including The Wild Bunch (1969) and Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia (1974). He starred in numerous films during the early 1970s which have since achieved cult status including The Hired Hand (1971), Two-Lane Blacktop (1971) and Race with the Devil (1975).


Also born on this day :
Juris Hartmanis is a prominent computer scientist and computational theorist.
Pierre Mauroyis a French Socialist politician and former Prime Minister.
Vladimir Toporov was a leading Russian philologist.
Rutilio Grande was a Jesuit priest in El Salvador.
Thomas F. X. Smith was a reformist politician and author.
Jim Baxes was a Major League Baseball player for the Los Angeles Dodgers.
Major General Sir John Jeremy Moore KCB , OBE , MC & Bar was the commander of the British land forces during the Falklands War.
Neil Robson was a Tasmania n member of parliament.
Héctor Tomasi was an Argentine bobsledder.
Lorraine Fisher was a right-handed pitcher.
Muhamed Zulić was a Croatian politician.
Earl Orser was a Canadian businessman.

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