#282 Edward Hardwicke / Abebe Bikila – 07 August 1932

Edward Hardwicke

Edward Hardwicke (born 7 August 1932), sometimes credited as Edward Hardwick, is an English actor. Hardwicke became familiar to television audiences in the 1970s drama series, Colditz. He then took the role of the Dr. Watson in the Granada Television adaptations of the Sherlock Holmes stories in The Return of Sherlock Holmes series, alongside Jeremy Brett. His other television appearances have been numerous, and have included Holocaust (1978), Oppenheimer (1980), Lovejoy (1992), David Copperfield (2000) and Agatha Christie’s Poirot (2004). He has appeared in various films, including Day Of The Jackal (1973), Shadowlands (1993), Elizabeth(1998), Enigma (2001), The Gathering Storm (2002) and Love Actually (2003).

Abebe Bikila

Abebe Bikila (August 7, 1932 – October 25, 1973) was a two-time Olympic marathon champion from Ethiopia. He was the first black African in history to win a gold medal in the Olympics. A stadium in Addis Ababa is named in his honour.


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