#395 Spiro Agnew / Thomas Ferebee – 09 November 1918

Spiro Agnew

Spiro Theodore Agnew (Spiros Theódoros Agkniou) (November 9, 1918 – September 17, 1996) was the 39th Vice President of the United States, serving under President Richard Nixon, and the 55th Governor of Maryland. He was also the first Greek American to hold these offices. Agnew is the only Vice President in U.S. history to resign because of criminal charges.

Thomas Ferebee

Photo by Ted H. Lambert

Thomas Ferebee (November 9, 1918 – March 16, 2000) was the bombardier aboard the B-29 Superfortress, Enola Gay, that dropped the atomic bomb, “Little Boy”, on Hiroshima in 1945.


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