#462 Roshan Seth / Leon Russell – 02 April 1942

Roshan Seth

Roshan Seth is an English-Indian actor, who appears mainly in British and American films. He is best known for his critically acclaimed performances in the films Gandhi, Mississippi Masala, Not Without My Daughter, My Beautiful Laundrette and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Leon Russell

Photo by Carl Lender

Claude Russell Bridges (born April 2, 1942), known professionally as Leon Russell, is an American musician and songwriter, who has recorded as a session musician, sideman, and maintained a solo career in music.


Also born on this day:
Gabriela Adameşteanu is a Romanian novelist, short story writer, essayist, journalist, and translator.
Mirosław Pawlak is a Polish politician.
Sir Graham Frank James Bright is a British politician and businessman.
Jean-Noël Jeanneney is a French historian and politician
András Fricsay is a German actor .
Wilfy Gerald Rebimbus was a Konkani singer and lyricist.
Yury Yarov was a Russian politician.

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