#466 John Newcombe / Lady Olga Maitland – 23 May 1944

John Newcombe

John David Newcombe, AO, OBE (born 23 May 1944 in Sydney) is a former World No. 1 tennis player. Overall, he won 26 Grand Slam major titles in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles.

Lady Olga Maitland

Lady Helen Olga Hay (born 23 May 1944), better known as Lady Olga Maitland, is a journalist and former British Conservative politician. She was a columnist in the Sunday Express (1967–1991).


Also born on this day :
Volkmar Weiss is a German scientist and writer, primarily interested in the field of IQ research.
Lena Nyman was a Swedish film and stage actress.
Vivian MacKerrell was a British actor of the 1960s.
John Joseph Collins is an Irish barrister called to the Bar in 1967.
Tiki Fulwood was a drummer for the funk bands Parliament and Funkadelic.
Heleen Sancisi Weerdenburg was a Dutch ancient historian, specializing in classical Greek and Achaemenid history.
Avraham Oz is an Israeli associate professor of Theatre and Hebrew and Comparative literature.
Ken Avery is a former college and professional American football player.
Francis Peay is a retired American football offensive tackle and head coach.
Nikolay Puchkov was a Soviet and Russian International boxing referee, commentator and boxing historian.

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