#474 Val McDermid / Jack Ellis – 04 June 1955

Val McDermid

Val McDermid (born 4 June 1955) is a Scottish crime writer. Her books mainly fall into three series: Lindsay Gordon, Kate Brannigan, and, beginning in 1995, the Tony Hill and Carol Jordan series, the first entry in which, The Mermaids Singing, won the Crime Writers’ Association Gold Dagger for Best Crime Novel of the Year. The Hill/Jordan series has been adapted for television under the name Wire in the Blood, starring Robson Green.

Jack Ellis

Jack Ellis (born 4 June 1955 in London) is an English actor best known for his portrayal of villainous prison guard Jim Fenner in the television series Bad Girls. He has also appeared in ITV soap Coronation Street as Bookmaker Harry Mason.


Also born on this day:
Joe Malenko is a former professional wrestler.
Antje Jackelén is the Bishop of Lund in Sweden.
Mary Testa is an American stage actress . She is a two-time Tony Award nominee.
Orlando Bianchini is a retired male hammer thrower from Italy.
Paulina Chiziane is an author of novels and short stories.
Butch Walts is a former professional tennis player from the United States.
Fidel Rillo, Jr. is a Filipino writer and book designer.
Kevin R. Stone is an American orthopedic surgeon.
Kathy Saltzman is a Minnesota politician and a former member of the Minnesota Senate.
Keith Zettlemoyer was convicted of the October 1980 murder of Charles DeVetsco.

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