#476 Josie Lawrence / Amanda Pays – 06 June 1959

Josie Lawrence

Josie Lawrence (born 6 June 1959) is a British comedienne and actress best known for her work with the Comedy Store Players improvisational troupe, the television series Whose Line Is It Anyway? and more recently her role as Manda Best in EastEnders.

Amanda Pays

Amanda Pays (born 6 June 1959) is an English actress. Pays had appeared on stage, screen and television in her native England and in America. Her credits include Thames Television’s “Minder: Minder on the Orient Express” (1985), Lady Victoria in Oxford Blues (1984) and as the host of the ground-breaking television experiment “Max Headroom”.


Also born on this day :
Paul Germain is an American animation screenwriter and producer.
Marie Richardson is a Swedish stage and film actress.
Gary Laskoski is a professional hockey player.
Lindsay Posner is an award-winning British theatre director.
Dag Erik Pedersen is a retired Norwegian road racing cyclist.
Nelson Moutinho is a former Portuguese footballer.
Andrey Prokofyev is a former Soviet athlete, winner of a gold medal in the 4×100 m relay at the 1980 Summer Olympics.
Colin Quinn is an American stand-up comedian and writer.
Neal H. Moritz is an American film producer.
Marwan Barghouti is a Palestinian political figure.
Dave Schultz was an Olympic and world champion freestyle wrestler.
Maurizio Iorio is a retired Italian professional football player.
John Albert Taylor was an American who was convicted of murder in the state of Utah and executed by firing squad.
Doug Frobel was a major league baseball player.
Dean Hopkins is a retired professional ice hockey forward.
Pietro Aglieri was a powerful mafioso from the Guadagna neighbourhood in Palermo.
Tahir Naqqash is a former Pakistani cricketer.
Bart van Oort is a Dutch classical pianist.
Peter Godsday Orubebe was appointed Nigerian Minister of Niger Delta.
Idoia Zenarrutzabeitia Beldarrain is a Spanish Basque politician.
John Garris is a retired American basketball player.

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