#480 John Sentamu / Phil Redmond – 10 June 1949

John Sentamu

John Tucker Mugabi Sentamu (born 10 June 1949) is the 97th Archbishop of York, Metropolitan of the province of York, and Primate of England. He is the second most senior cleric in the Church of England. In October 2007 Sentamu was awarded the Yorkshireman of the Year title by the Black Sheep Brewery. In his acceptance speech Sentamu praised the welcome he had received from the people of Yorkshire and made reference to the African-Yorkshire DNA connection, joking that perhaps his parents had this in mind when they gave him the name Mugabi, which, spelled backwards, is Ibagum (‘ee-by-gum’).

Phil Redmond

Phil Redmond CBE (born 10 June 1949) is an English television producer and screenwriter. He is well-known for creating several popular television series such as Grange Hill (BBC One, 1978–2008), Brookside (Channel 4, 1982–2003) and Hollyoaks (Channel 4, 1995—).


Also born on this day:
Zenonas Juknevičius is a Lithuanian politician.
Martin Armiger is an Australian musician, record producer and film/TV composer.
Dennis O’Brien was a professional ice hockey player.
Keith Best was a former Conservative Party politician in the United Kingdom.
Karel Zich was a Czech singer, guitarist and composer.
Tor Christian Hildan is a Norwegian diplomat.
Arif Şirin is a Turkish lyricist, composer and singer.
Frankie Faison is an American actor.
Kevin Corcoran is an American director , producer and former child actor.
Simon Webb was a British chess player, an International Master and a chess writer.
Jane Bernstein is an American writer and novelist.

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