#487 Joe McGann / Mick Karn – 24 July 1958

Joe McGann

Joseph ‘Joe’ McGann (born 24 July 1958) is an English actor. His most well known role is the lead role of Charlie Burrows, the “housekeeper” in the TV comedy series The Upper Hand (1990–1996). He is also known as a television reporter on the BBC’s South Today programme, reporting on local events in the south of England.

Mick Karn

Andonis Michaelides (24 July 1958 – 4 January 2011), better known as Mick Karn, was an English multi-instrumentalist musician and songwriter, who came to fame as the bassist for the art rock band Japan, from 1974 to 1982. In June 2010, he was diagnosed with advanced stage cancer, and died in January 2011.


Also born on this day:
James “Jim” Leighton MBE is a Scottish former football goalkeeper.
Joe Barry Carroll is a retired American professional basketball player.
Robert Greenberger is an American writer and editor.
Peter Rodgers Melnick is a composer for film, television and musical theatre.
John Stroeder is a retired American professional basketball player.
Anthony Kosten is a chess Grandmaster.

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