#491 Dana / Timothy Bottoms – 30 August 1951


Dana Rosemary Scallon (born Rosemary Brown on 30 August 1951) is better known simply as Dana, an Irish singer and former politician. She achieved fame when she won the 1970 Eurovision Song Contest with “All Kinds of Everything”, a subsequent worldwide million-seller. Over thirty singles and thirty albums later, Dana’s career continues, now also as a songwriter and performer of Christian music. She later entered politics, running in the 1997 Irish presidential election and subsequently being elected as the MEP for Connacht–Ulster.

Timothy Bottoms

Timothy James Bottoms (born August 30, 1951) is an American actor and film producer.Bottoms made his film debut in 1971 as a horrifically mutilated World War I soldier in Dalton Trumbo’s Johnny Got His Gun. The same year, he appeared alongside his brother Sam in The Last Picture Show.


Also born on this day:
Ronald Beard is a former American football coach.
Peter Withe is an English footballer who played as a striker.
Behgjet Pacolli is a former President of the Republic of Kosovo.
Bradley “Brad” Ronald Hazzard MP is an Australian politician.
Gediminas Kirkilas is a former Prime Minister of Lithuania.
Stephen Yates is a former English cricketer.
Kenneth Pearson is a former English cricketer.
Joe Crawford has been an American professional basketball referee.
Danny Clark is a retired track cyclist and road bicycle racer from Australia.
Gregory Francis is a politician in the United States Virgin Islands.
Michele Nappi is a retired Italian professional football player.
Don Rives is a former professional American football player.

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