#515 Cab Calloway / Mike Mazurki / Andrew Cruickshank – 25 December 1907

Cab Calloway

Cabell “Cab” Calloway III (December 25, 1907 – November 18, 1994) was an American jazz singer and bandleader. He was strongly associated with the Cotton Clubin Harlem, New York City where he was a regular performer.

Mike Mazurki

Mike Mazurki (December 25, 1907 – December 9, 1990) was an Austrian-born American actor and professional wrestler who appeared in over 100 movies. His towering 6′ 5″ presence and intimidating face usually got him roles playing tough guys, thugs, strong men, and gangsters.

Andrew Cruickshank

Andrew John Maxton Cruickshank (25 December 1907 Aberdeen, Scotland – 29 April 1988 London, England) was a Scottish supporting actor, most famous for his portrayal of Dr Cameron in the long-running UK BBC television series, Dr Finlay’s Casebook, which ran for 191 episodes from 1962 until 1971.



Also born on this day :
Clinton French was a municipal and provincial level politician from Alberta , Canada.
Hans Lineweaver was an American Physical Chemist.
Frank Ford was an Australian rules footballer.
William Westwood, 2nd Baron Westwood was a British peer and director of Hornby Railways.
Glenn McCarthy was a wildcatter and a charismatic oil tycoon.
Alfred Wellington Smith was an English-born general merchant and political figure in British Columbia.
Frank Henry Greteman was an American clergyman of the Roman Catholic Church.
Kristian Johansson was a Norwegian ski jumper.
Adolf Krzyk was a Polish soccer goalkeeper.
Kristaq Antoniu was an Albania n and Romanian operetta tenor, baritone, and actor.
Vladimir Druzhynin was a Soviet state and party leader.


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