#516 Sergei Avdeyev / Eleanor David – 01 January 1956

Sergei Avdeyev

Sergei Avdeyev (Сергей Васильевич Авдеев, born 1 January 1956) is a Russian engineer and cosmonaut. Avdeyev at one point held the record for cumulative time spent in space with 747.59 days in earth orbit, accumulated through three tours of duty aboard the Mir Space Station. He has orbited the earth 11,968 times traveling about 515,000,000 kilometers. Avdeyev holds the current record for time dilation experienced by a human being. In his 747 days aboard Mir, cumulative across three missions, he went approximately 27,360 km/h and thus aged roughly 0.02 seconds (20 milliseconds) less than an Earthbound person would have, which is considerably more than any other human being.

Eleanor David

Eleanor David (born 1 January 1956, Lincolnshire, England) is an English actress. She has appeared in several films and television programs including Pink Floyd The Wall directed by Alan Parker, Comfort and Joy directed by Bill Forsyth, Paradise Postponed, and Mike Leigh’s Topsy-Turvy. In 1985, David starred as Sylvia Ashton-Warner in the biopic Sylvia.


Also born on this day :
Allan Levine is a Canadian author from Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Chaturon Chaisang is a Thai politician and former Deputy Prime Minister.
Christine Lagarde is a French lawyer and the managing director of the International Monetary Fund.
Andy Gill is a founding member and guitarist for the English rock group Gang of Four.
Majid Jalali is a retired Iranian footballer.
Hamid Alidousti is a retired Iranian footballer.
Martin Plaza is a vocalist/ guitarist/ songwriter with Australian band Mental As Anything.
Mirko Ilić is Croatian and Bosnian graphic designer.
John O’Donohue was an Irish poet, author, priest, and Hegelian philosopher.
Leonie Short was a member of the Australian House of Representatives.
Marin Dragnea is a retired Romanian footballer.
Mohammad Ali Ashraf Fatmi was a member of the 14th Lok Sabha of India.
Mostafa Malekian is a prominent Iranian philosopher, thinker, translator and editor.
Daroga Prasad Saroj is an Indian politician for the Lalganj in Uttar Pradesh.
Ron Robinson is a former slotback and wide receiver in the Canadian Football League.
Orhan Uçak is a former football defender who played for clubs in Turkey.
Son Chhay is a Cambodian politician.
Mike Mitchell was an American professional basketball player in the NBA.
Vasili Pervukhin was a Russian ice hockey player.
Rick Limoges is a former Canadian politician.
Mark R. Hughes was an American businessman who was founder, chairman and CEO of Herbalife  International Ltd.
Mario Carrillo is a Mexican football coach.
Mohsin Mighiana is a Pakistani physician , writer , columnist and humorist.
Edward Huni’ehu is a member of the National Parliament of the Solomon Islands.
Carin Götblad is Police Commissioner (länspolismästare) of Stockholm County.
Valeri Tolchev was a Russian professional football coach and a player.
Sergey Nikolaevich Starostin is a Russian folk and jazz composer.
Frank DeFreitas instructs people new to holography how to make simple holograms.
Viktor Samokhin is a retired Soviet and Russian football player and a current coach.

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  1. denablueline says:

    Thank you for the post, really full of facts …God bless ya

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