#525 Laura Linney / Martha Fiennes / Duff McKagan – 05 February 1964

Laura Linney

Laura Leggett Linney (born February 5, 1964) is an American actress of film, television, and theatre. Linney has won three Emmy Awards, two Golden Globes, and a Screen Actors Guild Award. She has been nominated three times for an Academy Award and once for a BAFTA Award. She has also been nominated three times for a Tony Award for Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Play. She received a Golden Globe award for her portrayal of a suburban woman diagnosed with terminal cancer in The Big C.

Martha Fiennes

Martha Fiennes (née Wykeham-Fiennes; born 5 February 1964) is a British film director, writer and producer. An award-winning director, Fiennes is best known for her films Onegin (1999) (which starred her elder brother, Ralph) and Chromophobia (2005).

Duff McKagan

Michael Andrew “Duff” McKagan (born February 5, 1964) is an American musician and writer. He is best known for his twelve-year tenure as the bassist of the hard rock band Guns N’ Roses.


Also born on this day:
Jim Pugh is a former professional tennis player from the United States.
Kazimierz Gołojuch is a Polish politician.
Helena Bergström is a Swedish actress.
Carolina Morace is the former football coach for the Canadian national women’s team.
Andy Beasley is a former professional footballer.
Markus Einberger is a retired Austrian high jumper.
David Gilmore is an American session jazz guitarist.
Alexia is a Cypriot vocalist, musician, performer, singer.
David Farabee is a former Democratic member of the Texas House of Representatives.
Rob Grabert is a retired German volleyball player.
Piotr Trzaskalski is a Polish film director.
Tokuo Sawada is a Japanese wrestler.
Bernhard van Treeck is a German psychiatrist.

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