#544 Yvonne De Carlo / Vittorio Gassman – 01 September 1922

Yvonne De Carlo

Yvonne De Carlo (September 1, 1922 – January 8, 2007) was a Canadian-born American actress of film and television. During her six-decade career, her most frequent appearances in film came in the 1940s and 1950s and included her best-known film roles, such as Sephora the wife of Moses in The Ten Commandments (1956), starring Charlton Heston; and Amantha Starr in Band of Angels (1957) with Clark Gable. In the early 1960s, De Carlo playd Lily Munster for the television series The Munsters.

Vittorio Gassman

Vittorio Gassman Knight Grand Cross OMRI (born Gassmann; 1 September 1922 – 29 June 2000), popularly known as Il Mattatore (the spotlight chaser), was an Italian theatre and film actor and director. He is considered one of the greatest Italian actors whose long career includes both important productions as well as dozens of divertissements (which made him greatly popular).


Also born on this day:
Antonio Bueno was an Italian painter of Spanish origin.
Pierce Butler was a creamery manager and Fine Gael politician from County Tipperary in Ireland.
Sir Kenneth C. Bradshaw KCB was Clerk of the House of Commons.
Raffaele Frumenti was an Italian painter.
Heinz Ewald was a German Luftwaffe fighter ace.
Melvin R. Laird is an American politician and writer.
Joe Astroth is a retired American professional baseball player.
Charles McGregor was an African American film actor.
Frank Nikolay was an American politician and lawyer.

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