#558 Charlie Drake / Chris Hayward / Robert Fyfe – 19 June 1925

Charlie Drake

Charlie Drake (19 June 1925 – 23 December 2006) was an English comedian, actor, writer and singer. He was a popular comedian with children in his early years, becoming nationally-known for his “Hello, my darlings” catchphrase. He is particularly remembered for the TV series The Worker and his recording of My Boomerang Won’t Come Back.

Chris Hayward

Christopher Robert Hayward (19 June 1925 – 20 November 2006) was an American television writer and producer. He was the co-creator of the 1960s television show The Munsters and the creator of Dudley Do-Right. He was a writer for The Rocky and Bullwinkle ShowAliceBarney MillerGet Smart77 Sunset Strip and My Mother the Car.

Robert Fyfe

Robert Fyfe (born 19 June 1925; Alloa, Scotland) is a Scottish actor, who has appeared as Howard on the long-running British sitcom Last of the Summer Wine from 1985 to 2010.


Also born on this day:
Alfred Baphethuxolo Nzo was a South African politician
Herbert Keller was an American applied mathematician
George Fisher is an English footballer
Jackie Fisher is an English footballer
Halvor Bjellaanes was a Norwegian politician
Bob Martin is an American rower

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