#581 Simon Mayo / Penny Smith – 21 September 1958

Simon Mayo

Simon Mayo (born 21 September 1958, Southgate, London) is an English radio presenter who has worked for BBC Radio since 1981. In 2008, Mayo was recognised as the “radio broadcaster of the year” at the 34th annual Broadcasting Press Guild Awards and the “Speech Broadcaster of the Year” at the Sony Radio Academy Awards.

Penny Smith

Penelope Jane Smith (born 21 September 1958) is an English television presenter and newsreader. She has worked on the breakfast TV show GMTV, for Sky News and for Classic FM.


Also born on this day:
Bruno Fitoussi is a French professional poker player.
Ray Olivier is an English former football referee.
Hans Anton Aalien is a blind skier from Norway.
Gary Oakes was a British athlete.
David Keen is a political economist and Professor of Complex Emergencies at the London School of Economics.
Rick Mahorn is a retired American NBA basketball player.
Milan Mladenović was a Serbian musician.
Jay Triano is a retired Canadian professional basketball player.
Aleksandr Kozhevnikov is a retired ice hockey player.

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