#592 Graham Norton / Jane McDonald – 4 April 1963

Graham Norton

Graham Norton

Graham William Walker, known by his stage name Graham Norton (born 4 April 1963), is an Irish comic presenter. Based in the United Kingdom, he is the host of comedy chat show The Graham Norton Show. He also presents on BBC Radio 2 and is theBBC television commentator of the Eurovision Song Contest. Norton has won the BAFTA TV Award for Best Entertainment Performance on five occasions.

Jane McDonald

Jane McDonald

Jane McDonald (born 4 April 1963) is a British singer, actress and media personality and broadcaster, who first became famous following her appearance on the BBC docusoap The Cruise. Known for her strong Yorkshire accent, she has since co-presented a number of daytime shows, including Loose Women.


Also born on this day:
Steve Smith is a retired Canadian professional ice hockey player.
Dale Hawerchuk is a retired Canadian professional ice hockey centre.
Irene Pivetti is an Italian journalist and politician.
Steve Berry is an English former professional footballer.
Clive Stafford is an English former professional footballer .
Jared Robinson is an Australian actor.
Per Täckenström is a Swedish fencer.
Jack Del Rio is an American football coach.
Benny Green is a hard bop jazz pianist.
Jim Wilson is a politician in Ontario, Canada.
Elizabeth Emken is an American politician.
Frants Kostyukevich is a male race walker.
Khassan Baiev is a Chechen -American trauma surgeon.
Alonzo Johnson is a former American college and professional football player.
A. Michael Baldwin is an American actor , producer , and screenwriter.
Vince Ditrich is a Canadian rock musician.
Pliers  (born Everton Bonner) is a Jamaican Reggae singer.
Martin Firrell is a cultural activist.
Ian Merrill is a British author, journalist and artist.

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