#593 J.D. Salinger / Rocky Graziano / Carole Landis – 1 January 1919

J. D. Salinger

J D Salinger

Jerome David Salinger (January 1, 1919 – January 27, 2010) was an American writer. His most notable work is the 1951 novel Catcher In The Rye.

Rocky Graziano

Rocky Graziano

Thomas Rocco Barbella (January 1, 1919 – May 22, 1990), better known as Rocky Graziano, was an American boxer. Graziano was considered one of the greatest knockout artists in boxing history, often displaying the capacity to take his opponent out with a single punch. He was ranked 23rd on The Ring magazine list of the greatest punchers of all time.

Carole Landis

Carole Landis
Carole Landis (January 1, 1919 – July 5, 1948) was an American film and stage actress, who worked as a contract-player for Twentieth Century-Fox in the 1940s. Her breakthrough role was as the female lead in the 1940 film One Million B.C., with United Artists.


Also born on this day:
Sheila Mercier is an English actress (Annie Sugden in Emmerdale Farm) and the elder sister of actor Brian Rix .
Al McKibbon was an American jazz double bassist.
Sherry Robertson was a Canadian-American outfielder.
Helen Dettweiler  was an American professional golfer.
Eustace Fannin  is a retired South African male tennis player.
Reinhold Knacke was a German Luftwaffe night fighter ace.
Peter Kien was a Jewish artist and poet.
Ihsan Abdel Quddous was an Egyptian writer, novelist, and journalist.
Daniil Granin is an author born in the former Soviet Union.
Bones McKinney was an American professional basketball player.
Sirr Al-Khatim Al-Khalifa was a Sudanese politician , ambassador and an elite educator.
Manuel F. Segura is a retired colonel of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

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