#600 Greta Scacchi / Tony Anselmo / Carol McGiffin – 18 February 1960

Greta Scacchi

Greta Scacchi

Greta Scacchi (born 18 February 1960) is an Italian-Australian actor. She studied at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, with Miranda Richardson and Amanda Redman. She has appeared in films such as Heat and Dust (1983), The Ebony Tower (1984), The Coca Cola Kid (1985), White Mischief (1987), Presumed Innocent (1990) and The Player (1992). In 1996, she won an Emmy Award for her work as Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna of Russia in the television film, Rasputin: Dark Servant of Destiny, and was nominated for a Golden Globe and numerous other awards. In 2007, she received an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie for Broken Trail.

Tony Anselmo

Tony Anselmo

Tony Anselmo (born February 18, 1960) is an animator, cartoon voice actor and, since 1985, the voice of Donald Duck. Anselmo was trained by the original voice of Donald, Clarence Nash. In September 2009, Tony Anselmo was named a Disney Legend.

Carol McGiffin

Carol McGiffin

Carol Deirdre McGiffin previously Evans (born 18 February 1960) is an English broadcaster of radio and television, best known for her regular appearances on daytime talk show Loose Women. She married Chris Evans in 1991; the couple divorced in 1998.


Also born on this day:
Mark Richt is the head coach of the University of Georgia Bulldogs football team.
Pascale Gruny was a member of the National Assembly of France.
Lindy Hou is an Australian tandem cyclist and triathlete from Hong Kong.
Dirk Brossé is a Flemish Belgian composer and conductor.
Gazebo Paul Mazzolini, known as Gazebo, is an Italian musician.
Roger Wijesuriya is a former Sri Lankan cricketer.
Malcolm Roberts  is a former English cricketer.
Andy Moog is a Canadian retired professional ice hockey goaltender.
Maury Buford was an American football punter.
Jay Allen Sanford is an American author and cartoonist.
Bob Fallon is a retired Major League Baseball pitcher.
Wiesław Perszke is a former long-distance runner from Poland.
Greg Peterson was a football player in the CFL.
James Terry Roach was the second person to be executed by the state of South Carolina following the 1976 resumption of the use of capital punishment.
Patrick C. Kennell is Director of the Center for Intensive English Studies at Florida State University.

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