#604 Nicholas Parsons / Murray Walker – 10 October 1923

Nicholas Parsons

Nicholas Parsons

Christopher Nicholas Parsons OBE (born 10 October 1923, Grantham, Lincolnshire, England) is a British radio and television presenter, comedy performer and actor. His long career on television and radio have made him a household name. Best known today for his long-standing position as host of the comedy radio game show Just A Minute, Parsons is also famous as the long-term host of Sale of the Century, a show which peaked at over 21m viewers – a record for a game show on ITV.

Murray Walker

Murray Walker

Graeme Murray Walker, OBE (known as Murray Walker; born 10 October 1923) is a semi-retired Formula One (F1) motorsport commentator and journalist. He has a distinctive, enthusiastic commentary style. He was an exponent of the commentator’s curse, noting in an interview that he might say how well a driver was racing only to have them retire or crash out of the race shortly thereafter, hence his catchphrase “…Unless I’m very much mistaken…”


Also born on this day:
Saul Rogovin was a professional baseball player.
James Jabara was the first American jet ace in history.
Kildare Dobbs is a Canadian short story and travel writer.
Ian Appleyard was a British rally driver, alpine skier and ornithologist.
Asri Muda was a Malaysian politician.
Kewal Krishan was a medical practitioner and politician in Punjab , India.
Giacinto Auriti was an Italian lawyer, essayist and politician.
George E. Woods was a United States federal judge .
Edmund A. Gann was an American businessman and Thoroughbred racehorse owner.
Jack Hemingway was an American fly fisherman , conservationist and writer.
Louis Gottlieb was bassist and lofty comic spokesman for The Limeliters.
S. Ramaseshan was an Indian scientist.
Clint Castleberry was anAmerican football player.
Jerry Interval was an American portrait photographer and educator.

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