#613 Adam Faith / Stuart Sutcliffe – 23 June 1940

Adam Faith

Adam Faith

Terence “Terry” Nelhams-Wright, known as Adam Faith (23 June 1940 – 8 March 2003), was a British teen idol, singer, actor, and financial journalist. He was one of the most charted acts of the 1960s. He became the first UK artist to lodge his initial seven hits in the Top 5. He starred as the eponymous hero in the 1970s television series Budgie.

Stuart Sutcliffe

Stuart Sutcliffe

Stuart Fergusson Victor Sutcliffe (23 June 1940 – 10 April 1962) was a Scottish-born artist and musician; best known as the original bassist for the Beatles. Sutcliffe left the band to pursue his career as an artist. He died, aged 21, of a brain aneurysm.


Also born on this day:
Wilma Rudolph was an American athlete .
William Wallace is a former Scottish football player.
Simon Hobday is a South African professional golfer.
Diana Trask is an Australian and American country and pop singer.
Mike Shrimpton is a former New Zealand cricketer.
Jimmy Castor was an American pop and funk musician.
Derry Irvine, Baron Irvine of Lairg, is a British lawyer.
Barbara Partee is a Distinguished University Professor Emerita of Linguistics and Philosophy.
Sérgio Reis is a Brazilian sertanejo singer and actor.
Jerry Speyer is an American real estate tycoon.

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