#620 Ben Daniels / Kate Flannery – 10 June 1964

Ben Daniels

Ben Daniels

Ben Daniels (born 10 June 1964) is an English actor. On television, he has appeared in  Cutting It and Law & Order: UK. Daniels has also appeared in films such as Madeline (1998), and Doom (2005). He won the Olivier award in 2001 for his theatre performance in the Arthur Miller play All My Sons.

Kate Flannery

Kate Flannery

Katherine Patricia “Kate” Flannery (born June 10, 1964) (@KateFlannery) is an American actress best known for playing the role of Meredith Palmeron the NBC hit series The Office.


Also born on this day :
Stuart McCall, usually known as Stuart McCall, is a former footballer
Tony Martin is a comedian and writer from Te Kuiti , New Zealand
Vincent Pérez is a Swiss-born French-speaking actor and director
Andrew Niccol is a New Zealand screenwriter, producer, and director.
Gary Wallis is a British drummer
Christian Hayes , also known as Bic Hayes, is an English rock guitarist, singer and songwriter.
Angel Chervenkov is a Bulgaria n former footballer .
Christophe Neff is a Franco-German geographer
Glen Bartlett is a former Australian rules football er
Jimmy Chamberlin is an American drummer , songwriter, and producer .
Angelo Gregucci is an Italian football coach
Chambers Stevens is an American actor, playwright, author
Thomas A. Desjardin is an American historian
Richard Ragan is a senior United Nations official

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