#629 Brigitte Bardot / Janet Munro – 28 September 1934

Brigitte Bardot


Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot (born 28 September 1934) is a French former actress, singer and fashion model, now an animal rights activist. She was one of the best known sex symbols of the 1950s and ’60s. Starting in 1969, Bardot’s features became the official face of Marianne (who had previously been anonymous) to represent the liberty of France.

Janet Munro


Janet Munro (28 September 1934 – 6 December 1972) was an English actress. Munro starred in three Disney film releases, Darby O’Gill and the Little People (1959), Third Man on the Mountain (1959) and Swiss Family Robinson (1960). Other film credits include science fiction films such as The Trollenberg Terror (1958) and The Day the Earth Caught Fire (1961), and Bitter Harvest (1963).


On this day:
Afghanistan joins the League of Nations.

Also born on this day:
Bernard Harrison was an English sportsman who played first-class cricket
Bill Calder is a former Scottish footballer who played for Oxford United
Walter Blum is a retired Hall of Fame jockey .
Ralph Acosta is a former Democratic member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Rolf Aamot is a Norwegian painter , film director , photographer and tonal-image composer
William H. Dabney was a Colonel in the United States Marine Corps
Shahen Khachatrian is an Armenian art expert.

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