#639 Nick Mason / Mairead Maguire – 27 January 1944

Nick Mason

Nick Mason

Nicholas Berkeley “Nick” Mason (born 27 January 1944) is an English drummer and composer, best known for his work with Pink Floyd. He is the only constant member of the band since its formation in 1965. Despite solely writing only a few Pink Floyd songs, Mason has co-written some of Pink Floyd’s most popular compositions such as “Echoes” and “Time”. Mason is the only Pink Floyd member to be featured on every one of their albums. It is estimated that as of 2010, the group have sold over 250 million records worldwide, including 74.5 million units sold in the United States. He competes in auto racing events, such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Mairead Maguire

Mairead Maguire

Mairead Maguire (born 27 January 1944), also known as Mairead Corrigan Maguire and formerly as Mairéad Corrigan, is a peace activist from Northern Ireland. She co-founded, with Betty Williams and Ciaran McKeown, the Women for Peace, which later became the Community for Peace People, an organisation dedicated to encouraging a peaceful resolution of the Troubles in Northern Ireland. Maguire and Williams were awarded the 1976 Nobel Peace Prize. Maguire has also won several other awards.


On this day:
World War II: The 900-day Siege of Leningrad is lifted.

Also born on this day:
Sam Smith is an American former professional basketball player.
Klaus Hennig is a German judo athlete.
Kevin Coyne was a musician, singer, composer, film-maker and writer.
Peter Akinola is the former Anglican Primate of the Church of Nigeria.
Robert Chancellor Nesbitt was a distinguished solicitor in the City of London.
Dame Beverley Wakem DNZM  CBE  is the Chief Ombudsman of New Zealand.
Garga Haman Adji is a Cameroonian politician.
Yves Boissier is a French fencer.

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