#648 Ronald Lacey / Heather Sears – 28 September 1935

Ronald Lacey

Ronald Lacey

Ronald William Lacey (28 September 1935 – 15 May 1991) was an English actor. He made numerous television and film appearances over a 30 year period and is perhaps best remembered for his villainous roles in Hollywood films, most famously Gestapo agent Major Arnold Ernst Toht in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Heather Sears


Heather Christine Sears: (28 September 1935 – 3 January 1994), was a British stage and screen actress. On screen, she was cast as Susan Brown, the naive daughter of an industrial magnate who falls for Joe Lampton in the adaptation of John Braine’s novel Room at the Top (1959).


Also born on this day:
Alan Shepherd was a British Grand Prix motorcycle road racer .
Bruce Crampton is an Australian professional golfer.
Pierre Ryckmans was a Belgian-Australian writer.
Eddie Lumsden is an Australian former rugby league player.
Bent Jædig was a Danish jazz musician.
David D. Kpormakpor was a Liberian politician.
Abdelaziz Bennani is a senior Moroccan Army officer.
Barry Metcalfe was an Australian rules footballer.
David Hannay, Baron Hannay of Chiswick is a British diplomat .
Joan Growe is a former Secretary of State of Minnesota.
Inge Schmitz-Feuerhake‘s research has assessed the biological effects of ionizing radiation at low dosage levels
Donald W. Zacharias was the 15th President of Mississippi State University.
Charles L. Vining, Jr. was a Democratic member of the Louisiana House of Representatives.
Bob Dustal is a retired American professional baseball player.
Henry Schmidt is a former college and professional American football player.
Roy Heenan is a Canadian labour lawyer and academic.
Sara Del Carmen Jofre González was the President and CEO of the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of  Commerce.

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