#659 Curtis Mayfield / Anita Harris – 3 June 1942

Curtis Mayfield

Curtis Mayfield

Curtis Mayfield (June 3, 1942 – December 26, 1999) was a soul, R&B, and funk singer-songwriter, guitarist, and record producer, who was one of the most influential musicians behind soul and politically conscious African-American music Born Curtis Lee Mayfield in Chicago, Illinois. (d. 1999)

Anita Harris

Anita Harris

Anita Harris (born 3 June 1942) is an English actress, singer and entertainer. Harris sang with the Cliff Adams Singers, and had a number of chart hits in the 1960s. She appeared in the Carry On films Follow That Camel and Carry On Doctor. Born Anita Madeleine Harris in Midsomer Norton, Somerset, England.


Also born on this day:
Jean-Louis Bertucelli was a French film director and screenwriter.
Celso Amorim is a Brazilian diplomat.
Tamiko Yasui is a Japanese fencer.
Bjarne Lindstrøm is a Norwegian diplomat.
Aleksandr Kozhukhov was a Russian, Soviet handball player.
Michael Bürsch was a German politician and member of the SPD.

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