This project is designed to show how two people born on the same day can both become interesting and well known but, sometimes, in very different ways.
The aim was to find at least one pair of people for each day of the year regardless of the year of birth. Sometimes this is very difficult.
This is a very Anglo-centric and personal view of what constitutes “well-known” when people are selected.

The idea for the project came when
a) I found out that Cilla Black and Mick Jagger were not born on the same day as I thought I had read
b) I subsequently read that Neil Armstrong and Sean Connery were born on the same day but this also proved untrue! This particular “fact” came courtesy of Simon Mayo‘s book “On This Day in History” which contains more dodgy dates than a twenty year old sticky toffee pudding.

What turned out to be true was that there are some startling pairs of “not twins” and I hope that you enjoy finding them amongst these lists.

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